Imagine the smile when their hero says their name...Personal Birthday Wishes from Elsa and Spiderman


What we do?

For a time when we want to see the look of awe and get the biggest smile, give that special child a personal hero message. The team at  ShoutOut4Kidz have been inspired by the characters which they grow up with, and fall in love with.

At we create video experiences to fuel your child's dreams and wishes.

We aim to provide a quick, personal and unique service.

Queen Elsa

Making smiles again and again

Choose the character which you child holds dear in their heart

Select the child's name from the list and optionally choose a sender name.

We send you an invoice to your chosen email address

The message is delivered by a link to YouTube where you can watch anywhere and share with anyone you choose!

Our daughter said "Elsa knows my name! Elsa knows my name!". The reaction and the engagement was incredible. She loved it.

"My son loved his Spiderman messages. Thanks so much. He plays it endlessly. It's a busy time but worth every minute when we saw the look of awe! Great value."

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